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finalist for the pen/diamonstein-spielvogel award for the art of the essay

"You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to read it again." — TheSkimm

"Her honesty, charm, and buoyant spirit come through on every page of this hilarious, wise, putting-it-all-out-there book." — BookPage

"Generous and entertaining" — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Fiercely funny, powerfully smart, and remarkably brave." — Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild

“I'm mad Jennifer Weiner's first book of essays is as wonderful as her fiction. You will love this book and wish she was your friend." — Mindy Kaling, author of Why Not Me?


Jennifer Weiner’s suspenseful sequel to the acclaimed New York Times bestseller The Littlest Bigfoot finds three misfits in the Big Apple, each trying to solve the mystery that binds them together.

Twelve-year-old Alice Mayfair has a secret. She’s not human, but who, or what, is she? As her best friend Millie Maximus, a tiny Bigfoot with a big voice, prepares for auditions for The Next Stage, the Bigfoot Tribe's secret past comes crashing into the present. And it is left to Jeremy, Millie, and Alice to find cryptic clues, uncover old alliances, and meet allies—and enemies—who are not always who they seem, as they learn what it means to be a hero ... and a true friend. 


"one foot in front of the other"
the new york times

We called out in agreement at the speaker who said that every mother trying to get a good job knows that the economy is a woman's issue, and every mother trying to keep her family together knows that immigration is a woman's issue. We chanted with poets. We wiped away tears at 6-year-old Sophie Cruz, daughter of two undocumented immigrants, who brought down the house when she said: "I also want to tell the children not to be afraid, because we are not alone."