"In this generous, entertaining memoir, Weiner, known for her plus sized heroines, authentic voice, and hilarious one liners, offers a front row seat to the drama of her life... Like her enormously popular commercial fiction, from its very first page this memoir will enthusiastically reach out to female readers and swiftly draw them close. She is a writer who speaks to women's lives, insisting—and proving— that women's stories matter."  
— Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Fiercely funny, powerfully smart, and remarkably brave." 
— Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild

“Insightful and affecting and affirms exactly why Weiner is so popular—she is gifted in the ability to write honestly.”
— Booklist

“You will love this book ."
— Mindy Kaling, author of Why Not Me?

"In her new memoir, Hungry Heart, Weiner turns her understanding eye on her most compelling character yet—herself—and reveals the story behind some of her most beloved books. You'll laugh, you'll cry—and in true Jen style, there's a happy ending." 
Good Housekeeping


The first book in a middle-grade trilogy—a laugh-out-loud funny and painstakingly real tale of friendship, furry creatures, and finding the place where you belong. 

"Weiner makes a winning debut with this witty story of outcasts coming together...well-drawn characters, high comedy and an open-ended finale will leave readers eager for the next installment."
Publishers Weekly

"An engaging tale that helps children to understand both bullying and the difficulties faced by people who in some way deviate from the norm... Enchanting right up to the sequel-beckoning end."
Kirkus Reviews