“Haven't we all wondered exactly how the many-splendored Jennifer Weiner became so many-splendored? This candid, poignant, and very funny memoir tells all, and I'm confident other readers will be as fascinated and moved by it as I was.” 
— Curtis Sittenfeld,  author of Eligible

“Weiner lays her heart bare in this memoir, which is insightful and affecting and affirms exactly why she is so popular—she is gifted in the ability to write honestly and easily.” 
— Booklist

“I'm mad Jennifer Weiner's first book of essays is as wonderful as her fiction. You will love this book and wish she was your friend.“
— Mindy Kaling,  author of Why Not Me?


"Weiner makes a winning debut with this witty story of outcasts coming together...well-drawn characters, high comedy and an open-ended finale will leave readers eager for the next installment."
Publishers Weekly

"An engaging tale that helps children to understand both bullying and the difficulties faced by people who in some way deviate from the norm... Enchanting right up to the sequel-beckoning end."
Kirkus Reviews

"A heartwarming tale about friendship and belonging that will resonate with those young readers who have ever struggled to fit in or find their place in the world."
School Library Journal