Every once in a while, you read a book with such well-written, memorable characters that you know you’re going to remember them forever.

Macon Leary in THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST, Dolores Price in SHE’S COME UNDONE, Olympia Binewski from GEEK LOVE…all of them have their own specific voices, and their own unforgettable journeys.

To that list, add Arthur Opp, the unlikely protagonist of Liz Moore’s first novel HEFT, about a lonely man and a teenage boy making their way out of the wreckage of their lives..and toward one another.

HEFT is a wonderful oddball of a book. I loved it, and I think you will, too…and if you buy the book before or on Monday, February 20, I will send you a signed copy of one of my books for free.

Here’s the deal: treat yourself to a copy of HEFT, which is available at your favorite independent bookstore, online retailer, and wherever books are sold. Yes, e-books count. Yes, foreign readers are welcome (it'll just take a little longer for your books to arrive).

On Monday, tweet a picture of you and the book, or your receipt, or the title page on your e-reader, under the hashtag #HEFT. Not on Twitter? Post the picture to your Facebook page, or post it on mine.

Then, send an email to jen AT jenniferweiner.com with your name, which book you want, to whom you’d like it inscribed, if at all, and where you’d like us to send it. I’ll send books until we run out, which won’t be for a while! You can ask for a book for yourself, or for a friend, or you can donate it to your local library, school, prison, hospital, shelter, wherever.

And come back tomorrow, where I’ll have an interview with Liz Moore.