Greetings from Bungalow 5, on my last day in Los Angeles.

Tonight, I’ll pack up my office and go out to dinner with the writers for “State of Georgia.” Which, by the way, got an amazing review in The New York Times.

Tomorrow, I’m on a plane to New York. Tomorrow night, I’ll be live-tweeting “Georgia,” which airs at 8:30 on ABC Family. Tomorrow’s episode introduces a few of the show’s semi-regulars, Jo’s physics classmates Lewis, Leo and Seth, played by the very funny Kevin Covais (remember him from “Idol?”), Jason Rogel and Hasan Minhaj, all of whom are on Twitter…just put an “@” sign in front of their names, and you can’t miss them.

On Thursday morning during the eight o’clock hour I’ll be on “The Today Show,” along with Harlan Coben, who writes some of my favorite thrillers. We’ll be giving our summer reading recommendations, so please tune in!

Then, on Tuesday, July 12, THEN CAME YOU hits the shelves, and the e-reading devices, and I’ll hit the road, with stops in New York, Princeton, Philadelphia, the Chicago suburbs, and Kansas City. THEN CAME YOU has gotten some lovely early reviews, including the coveted four beach umbrella award from the New York Post, which said, “Weiner makes the unsympathetic women compelling, and chronicles the hard-luck ladies sans melodrama. We come to care about each one."

You can check out the first chapter of THEN CAME YOU right here and look at my tour dates here. Please note: all readings will feature whoopie pies. Not because there are whoopie pies in the book (although now that I think about it, there should be), but because I like whoopie pies, and I don't trust anyone who doesn't.

Thanks to everyone who checked out "Georgia," and I hope to see lots of you on the road.