Greetings from Los Angeles!

I’m spending my days on the CBS lot in Studio City, where a bunch of absurdly funny writers and I are coming up with the first nine episodes of “The Great State of Georgia,” which will premiere on ABC Family on June 29, and finishing up the edits on THEN CAME YOU, out the second week of July.

Here is the cover! I love it, especially the green, which feels so fresh and spring-y.

THEN CAME YOU concerns four women and a baby. There’s India, the older, wealthy, married lady who wants to get pregnant, and can’t. There’s Jules, the college student who donates an egg, and Annie, the Pennsylvania housewife who serves as a surrogate, and Bettina, India’s twenty-three-year-old stepdaughter, who’s deeply skeptical of the whole endeavor. It’s an exploration into the issues that surrogacy raises…and also, the story of how these women end up forming a very modern family. It's been a lot of fun to write, and I hope lots of you will enjoy it this summer.

As for Georgia, I am loving my first stint in a writers’ room. In fact, I’m not sure how I’m going to keep writing without one. Novel-writing is so lonely, and writers’ rooms are hilarious. You spend the day sitting around swapping stories, pitching jokes, telling tales of Hollywood stars’ bad behavior (except because I don’t know any, I mostly just listen to those) and making up adventures for your girls. And then every afternoon: food trucks!

I think Georgia’s going to be a fresh, funny take on a time we all remember: right out of college and/or our parents’ houses, in a big city, taking those first jobs, navigating those first romances, finding your favorite bar and gym and yogurt shop, figuring out who you’re going to be. It’s a little “Laverne and Shirley,” a little “Sex and the City," and very girl-centric, which I'm thrilled about, because there's still so many comedies where the women are second bananas or romantic appendages or punchlines.

You can keep up with all things Georgia on the ABC Family website, right here.

Finally, the last piece of news, from the department of Wow Am I Old: GOOD IN BED turns ten this May! My publisher's releasing a special edition with a new cover (Cannie's bed-cake has a birthday candle), a new afterward, where I talk about what it was like to write my first novel and how the world has changed, or failed to change since then, and a new e-book price ($4.99). Best of all, I'm throwing a Win Cannie's Weekend contest to celebrate.

If you read GOOD IN BED, you probably know what the lucky winner and her BFF could get: a trip to Los Angeles, a stay in a fancy hotel, an afternoon of spa treatments, a delicious dinner, and an invitation to come watch us tape "The Great State of Georgia." (Introduction to movie stars who will subsequently become your friends or engage you in makeout sessions, alas, are not included).

Check back for the details. Better yet, follow me on Twitter, where I am @jenniferweiner, and I talk about what I'm reading, what I'm writing, and what I'm watching on reality TV.