Greetings from Day Two of the Cupcakes Across America/FLY AWAY HOME book tour!

Here are some pictures of me reading at the Princeton Public Library!

Here is an interview
in which I talk about the challenges of e-book pricing and why I live-tweet "The Bachelorette!"

Speaking of my favorite show, do you know about The Possessionista? She tracks down all the cute things Ali wears and tells you where to buy them? That cute elephant pendant from Monday night? It will be mine! Oh, yes. It will be mine.

, calling it "an unflappably fun read," and saying "in the end, it's not Sylvie's choices that are important as much as the fact that she chooses to do what's best for her. The message is choosing to live an authentic life. As always, Weiner gives us a woman who stands taller, curvier and happier when she does just that."

I'm off to the Free Library in an hour for the pre-reading reception. Then D.C., Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale and Miami! See you on the road.