Are you a fan of Dave Barry? Amy Tan? Ridley Pearson? Mitch Albom?

Would you like to hear them play the guitar, shake a tambourine, do unspeakable things to the songs of Elvis Presley and possibly sing “Wild Thing?”

On Thursday, April 22 at the Electric Factory, the Rock Bottom Remainders, the first all-author supergroup hailed by critics as “not as bad as you could expect,” are playing a fundraiser to benefit the Free Library of Philadelphia.

Tickets are $35, and I bought a bunch of them, which may or may not be because I may or may not end up on stage and would like a bunch of enthusiastic and possibly drunk supporters to cheer for me should that be the case.

So! If you’re in Philly and want to join the party, hear the band, and learn more about the great programs the Free Library offers and the major renovation it’s got planned, be my guest at the show. Just email me at jen AT for your ticket. We’ll have drinks at the Continental, then move to the Electric Factory for the show.