So, just because I don't have enough going on, what with the books and the kids and the very slow running, I've been working on TV pilot.

The show is called “Jane and Dick” and it’s about a smart, funny female attorney who’s turned her father’s law firm into a version of career Utopia – an all-female, kid-friendly law firm where the formerly mommy-tracked lawyers can have it all. Jane’s life looks perfect: she’s engaged to Steve, a handsome doctor, she works with her best friend Ellie, and, when we meet her, she’s up for a big promotion.

Into this paradise comes the man she’s secretly loved since she was an awkward, insecure fourteen-year-old – her beautiful big sister’s old boyfriend Dick. Now a cutthroat litigator with an active social life, Dick’s been hired by Jane’s Dad to bring a little balance into the firm. Jane knows she shouldn’t have feelings for him – she’s engaged, he’s a colleague, and he might still have a thing for her big sister – but one look at him and all those old feelings come bubbling back.

It’s a show about family, and work, and love. It’s got that funny/sad thing that I do, along with a very relatable, very human narrator in Jane….and thanks to my co-writer, Michael Reisz, a lawyer himself who’s written for “Boston Legal,” it also has legal cases that actually make sense!

When I wrote it, I thought about the shows I loved – “Ally McBeal,” only with more realistic skirts and no starving cast members; “Moonlighting,” with that great sexual tension, the female friendships on "Sex and the City." I also thought about the kind of voices and heroines I want to see on television – nuanced, smart but struggling, engaging and endearing and well-rounded in every sense of the word.

The network is making its final decisions about which pilots get the thumbs-up. If you want to see “Jane and Dick” on the air, please head over here and say I WANT WEINER (you can, of course, say whatever you want, but I really like the idea of network executives getting lots of emails that say I WANT WEINER).

Thanks in advance for your support! And, if this happens, look for many funny blog entries about the wonderful world of casting and shooting a pilot.