In the department of no news is good news...

It's Wednesday afternoon, I'm home with a six-year-old with a stomach virus, and I still haven't heard whether ABC is giving my pilot "Jane and Dick" the green light or the network equivalent of a swirlie. Hope springs eternal, so I'm still hoping.

In the meantime, I just want to thank everyone who signed and spread the word about the petition to get the show picked up. I am so grateful for all the support, the signatures, the good wishes, and the boxes of Thin Mints. Especially the boxes of Thin Mints.

If you haven't signed yet, or know someone who wants to, or if someone owes you a favor, please send them here. Or you can email the network here.

I emailed my Nanna last night to plead for her signature, with the plan of impressing the network with my vast influence among the coveted 90-and-over demographic, but so far? Nanna hasn't signed.

I'm not taking it personally.