Good lord!

It's been months -- months! -- since I updated here. And this is just going to be a teensy little update, prompted mostly by the fact that I'm pretty sure my Nanna thinks I'm dead.

Which I'm not! I've been keeping up over on Twitter (@jenniferweiner), and on my Facebook fan page, newly revitalized because I maxed out my friend limit on my personal page (so if you're waiting to be approved as a friend, it's not that I don't want you as a friend, it's that Facebook says I can't have you, so please check out the fan page, where I'm trying to post the same stuff).

What else? I'm finishing the first draft of a new book, tentatively titled HOME BY THE SEA and tentatively scheduled for publication next summer. What's it about? Three very different women -- a fifty-four-year-old political wife, a thirty-six-year-old married working mother and an eighteen-year-old teenager with a secret, who are all coping with relationships in crisis, and who find each other, in a home. By the sea. Where they learn lessons, tell jokes, discover their own strengths, and possibly commit a crime. Not telling yet! Anyhow, there is humor and heartbreak and romance and sex scenes both tender and inadvertently hilarious, plus a passage in which one of the women says that she hates the shape of her husband's head, and observes that once you hate the shape of someone's head, the relationship's in trouble.

I'm reading my way through Harlan Coben's entire ouevre. There's nothing as much fun as finding a new author you like, and realizing there's a dozen books you can enjoy without having to wait for the next one.

And I'm getting ready for some welcome fall weather, and Halloween. The big girl wants to be a computer. She says the baby can be a cable. "Not a mouse?" I asked. No, she said. "Maybe just a cable."

More soon...