The BEST FRIENDS FOREVER book tour is OVER...and it ended with a bang!

At five o'clock, I got The Call. My editor was on the line. My publisher was, too. BEST FRIENDS FOREVER is a number one New York Times best seller.

I think I screamed so loud that they could hear me in New York. And I'm in San Francisco!

Eight hours later, I'm still thrilled, and amazed, and humbled, and so, so grateful to everyone who bought the book, which I hope you're enjoying.

Thanks, especially, to everyone who's friended me on Facebook and followed me on Twitter who came out to say hi, snap a picture, drink Champagne (you're damn right I had Champagne at the reading tonight!) and ask me to sign their book READ THIS BITCHES. I loved meeting you all.

So now I get to go home again, hang up the dresses, put away the heels, and go back to the family, and the work in progress. It's a little bittersweet -- as hard as the travel is, it's fun to be on the road, meeting everyone, wearing the grownup clothes, zipping through the airports unencumbered by stroller and sippie cups and Ziplock'd snacks and diaper bag, and the kids who require all of the above. It's fun to drink grownup beverages, use grownup words, and stay in fancy hotels where sometimes the pastry chef will whip up a dark-chocolate replica of your book, just because.

But it's back to life, back to reality.

I'm sure I'll have some funny tales from the road when I'm home and rested, but meanwile, if you're looking for another book, let me recommend Lizzie Skurnick's ode to the young adult fiction of our (okay, my) youth, SHELF DISCOVERY. I've got an essay in there about, natch, Judy Blume's BLUBBER.

Enjoy, and again, thanks to EVERYONE who bought the book. I truly hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it, and I'm very grateful to you all.