I know we're still four weeks and change away from the release of BEST FRIENDS FOREVER, but, OMG! The New York Times actually had something to say about something I've written! And that something was nice!

In her annual chick-lit roundup, Janet Maslin writes: "Jennifer Weiner, another creator of widely popular female characters, injects an element of suspense into her latest, “Best Friends Forever.” This book begins on an unexpected note of violence, but the friendship of the title is at its heart. Two estranged onetime high-school chums — one now a television weathergirl and the other one of Ms. Weiner’s lovable, snack-obsessed frumps — are thrown together to find out what happened in that opening scene and to hash out old grievances. Ms. Weiner’s characters are warmly and realistically drawn, even if the weathergirl needs to be told, about the Weathermen, “those guys weren’t actual meteorologists.” Ms. Weiner writes comfortably about the real world."


You can read the first chapter of BEST FRIENDS FOREVER right here (it's a very short first chapter, and I'll be posting a longer excerpt shortly). The book comes out July 14. I'll be in New York City at the Lincoln Center Barnes & Noble the night of the 14th, then in Philadelphia at the Free Library the following night, and in Chicago on July 20.

More dates and specifics to come, but for now, woo hoo!