The summer tour for BEST FRIENDS FOREVER is still coming together, but meanwhile, I'm going to be at an event this Monday night, May 18, in Cambridge, at the American Repertory Theatre, to benefit the Hoffman Breast Center at Mount Auburn Hospital.

I'll be appearing with a stellar lineup of authors: Elizabeth Berg, Sebastian Junger, Gregory Maguire, Claire Messud, and Tom Perrotta. Oh, and it's hosted by Alice Hoffman.

Tickets are $250 apiece, and you can buy them here.

I know what you're thinking: Two hundred and fifty dollars?!?! For two hundred and fifty dollars, I want Gregory Maguire to come over and tell my kid a bedtime story!

I want Claire Messud to personally explain to my book club what the ending of THE EMPEROR'S CHILDREN meant!

I want Sebastian Junger to pose for a cell-phone picture to make my boyfriend jealous!

In this economy, $250 ain't peanuts. If you've got it to spare, it will go to a wonderful cause, and I'm sure it'll be an amazing night.

But, if you don't, here's the deal: I bought four tickets, and I will give them away to whoever tells me the best joke.

You have options! You can email your joke (or funny picture, or hilarious YouTube video) to

You can send your entry to me on Facebook, or reply to me on Twitter, where I'm @jenniferweiner, if your joke is very short.

The contest starts now, and will end at 6 p.m. Thursday, which will give me time to pick the winners, and will give the winners time to get a sitter, and I will publish the winning entries right here, on my blog, so really, everyone's a winner! Except for the people who don't win. Not them, so much.

If you don't live in the Boston area, and still want to make me laugh, the five best non-New England comedians will win an advanced reader's copy of BEST FRIENDS FOREVER, with a personalized inscription exhorting them not to sell the book on eBay.

Finally, if you needed added incentive to enter this great contest, I think my mother will be at the event, so you will get to personally witness me embarrass her with the all-true story of what happened in L.A. the night of the "In Her Shoes" premiere. Trust me, it's funny stuff.