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In other news, blames a "glitch" on the de-ranking of thousands of gay, lesbian and quote-unquote "adult" titles, says it's fixing the problem. That's good. But Amazon hasn't done a great job of explaining how the glitch happened in the first place or, you know, apologized. That's bad.

Bret Michaels picks Taya as his Rock of Love; seems distinctly half-hearted at the finale. I'm worried about Bret, and I didn't love the season, which seemed a little too real. Living in a VH-1 rented manse, going on fantasy dates (lingerie shopping and ATV-ing with Bret)...that's fun to watch. Watching the girls crammed on tricked-out tour buses that you just knew smelled like Aqua-Net, flop sweat and tequila farts so Bret could play at country fairs and third-tier casinos? That was just depressing.

In other reality news, I finally saw my first episode of "The Real Housewives" (how, how, could I have missed out for so long?)

Unfortunately, I watched it over the weekend, in Connecticut, with my mother, who kept looking up from her crossword puzzling, frowning at the TV set, and saying, "I don't understand this at all." And I couldn't explain it to her...I mean, really, how can you explain a woman who looks at the camera and explains that she's never gotten breast implants because her husband is more of an ass man?