So! If you were my friend on Facebook, you would know that the baby had roseola -- a horrifying mind-twist of a viral infection.

What happens with roseola? Glad you asked! Basically A., your kid runs a really high fever for a few fun-filled days; B., your kid pukes in her crib; C., your husband carries crib-puking kid to the bathroom so that she can puke in the toilet, prompting you to say, "I don't think that's going to work...she's not in college!" and finally, D., just when you thought everything was back to normal, you pull off the kid's onesie to reveal a horrible festering pustulant rash covering her entire torso, the appearance of which will cause you to scream "DON'T TOUCH HER! NOBODY TOUCH HER!" while frantically dialing your pediatrician and googling the words BABY and FEVER and HORRIBLE FESTERING PUSTULANT RASH on your BlackBerry, which will obediently spit up horrible pictures of the very same rash.

Good news! The rash only lasts a day or two! It will disappear just in time for your kindergartener to get strep throat!

I am waiting for the dog to develop leprosy. Leprosy's next, right?

But, in the meanwhile, I will be part of a group of TV critics and other smart folk live-blogging AMERICAN IDOL over at Throwingthings (it's my husband's blog. They have to let me in!)

And, on Tuesday night at 7:30, I will be at the Free Library of Philadelphia, introducing the much-smarter-than-the-rest-of-us Elaine Showalter, whose most recent book is A JURY OF HER PEERS, a comprehensive history of women writes in America from 1650 to the present. Yes, she writes about chick lit!