Dani Saperstein had been living in Philadelphia for six months when she got her first email from the dead.

I've got a short story in Who Can Save us Now, an anthology of brand-new superhero origin stories edited by Owen King and John McNally, that I think is pretty nifty (the book in general, not my story in particular...although I really like the title of my story. It is called "League of Justice (Philadelphia Division)," and is based in part on the premise that all of the superheroes with really cool talents have moved to New York.)

For all of you Bostonians who asked for a reading, why not blow off work/school/family obligations and spend a day at the beach? On August 5 I'm doing a lunchtime event at the swanky Chatham Bars Inn, sponsored by Where the Sidewalk Ends, with Michael Tonello (Bringing Home the Birkin) and Elin Hillebrand (A Summer Affair).

Finally, a reader asks: how goes the triathlon training?

The good news: I am pretty sure I will be able to finish the thing without hurling or expiring, even though coming in last remains a distinct possibility.

The bad news: every day I find something new to worry about.

For instance, I thought I'd be just fine with the swimming part. Then my friend who I'm doing this thing with did a group swim, and went into lengthy, vivid detail about the horrors of hacking through the water with hundreds of other people, getting kicked, getting punched, getting swum over, getting your goggles knocked off your face...oh, and by the way, did I read about the shark sightings on Martha's Vineyard?

And then I started thinking, if you can't bike any more, you can coast, and if you can't run any more, you can walk, but if you can't swim any more, you can drown...or you can get pulled out of the water in front of everyone, which might possibly be worse.

I'll report back post-race...or if you come to Chatham, you can ask me for details in person!