Summer story I’m most interested in following: the war on public sex on Cape Cod beaches. The headline from the Provincetown Banner: No Buts About It: Seashore to Crack Down on Public Sex.

Best quote from favorite story: Seashore Superintendent George Price explaining that “If you can see it from a whale-watch boat, it’s not discreet.” (Do you think a lot of people read the story and thought, “If you can see it from a whale-watch boat, give him my number?”)

Summer activity I am most dreading: in a fit of unbridled delusion about my current level of fitness, I signed up to do a sprint triathlon.

You have to swim a third of a mile, which should be fine, except it’s in open water, and all of my open-water swimming’s been in ponds, not the ocean, and also sharks.

Then you have to bike about 10 miles, which I would normally be okay with, except I’ve never done it on the heels of a swim.

Then you cap off the fun with a 5-K run, which I am not even letting myself think about.

Favorite comment, from my Nanna. “Is it for charity?”

Me: “No, but I guess you can send me money if you want to.”

Other favorite comment, after asking my husband to watch both kids for the morning.

Me: I have to go to the gym! Do you want me to disgrace the family name?

Husband: I don’t care. It’s not my name.