Gabriel Garcia Marquez? Oprah picked Gabriel Garcia Marquez?

An author who’s won the Nobel Prize? Who’s got a movie coming out next month? Who’s already been an Oprah pick?

Good God. Could Oprah have tapped a book, or an author, who’s got more going for it, and for him? Is there anyone left in America who hasn’t heard of Garcia Marquez, or who wouldn’t have heard of him once the movie promotion swung into gear?

Seriously, what’s the Girlfriend Of Us All going to choose next? The Bible?

Meanwhile, over on New York Times Book Review Editor Dwight Garner's blog, there’s a regular Friday feature where Times-approved writers are asked how much time they spend on the Internet and whose books their own are shelved with.

Today’s subject is Joseph (10th Grade) Weisberg, who says he’s stuck between me and Irvine Welch. “As long as my novel is actually there between them, I feel pretty happy in their company. When mine’s not on the shelf, I start thinking, “Well, if I wrote chick lit,” or “Well, if my book happened to be turned into a hit movie.”

Ah yes, the old “if I only wrote chick lit.”

I wrote a response which I hope will have better luck than last week’s letter to the editor about Toni Bentley’s savaging of Katha Pollitt and will actually see the light of day in the comments section. (I think maybe I need to stop signing my letters to the Times editors with the words “That is all.”)

Finally, I know this makes me sound old – even older than I feel every time I haul my aching bones to my OB’s office for a third-trimester checkup and see the words “Advanced Maternal Age” on my chart – but I am very happy that my programs are back on. Funniest line on TV last night? Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock, after his wife puts him out, demanding to know, "Who's gonna write my blogs?!?"