Number of books that arrived in my latest shipment: eleven.

Number of them with blurbs from Tom Perrotta: two.

Have I mentioned how much I like Tom Perrotta? I like his writing (ELECTION is great, but JOE COLLEGE is my favorite), but I also like that, for a guy whose work lands squarely in the category of literature, he's incredibly generous in his support of writers who aren't regarded as quite as highbrow.

Of the two books he endorsed, one of them is a thriller, and the other's a broad high-school comedy. Also, the "Official Tom Perrotta Chronology" on his website is a hoot.

So what did we do on our summer vacation? We went clamming. Did lots of swimming. And yesterday we collected gallons of beach plums...

...and made beach plum jam. Tart and delicious! Here's a recipe.