Last week it was announced that the Miss America pageant – barely hanging on over on Country Music Television – has been booted to an even lower rung of the basic cable universe and will, come January, air on The Learning Channel.

I am, as regular readers know, a longtime pageant devotee (I about blew a gasket last year, when I missed the show entirely because it turns out that that my cable carrier doesn't even offer CMT).

So I wrote a little piece about Miss A's decline and how sad I am about it. Tomorrow the belly and I will be shlepping off to Woods Hole to record it for National Public Radio’s All Things Considered.

It may air as early as tomorrow night (I’ll post details as I get them).

Two things I have learned: after five books and one book-to-film premiere, my mother is more impressed with the prospect of my being on NPR than by anything I have done so far. This includes childbirth.

Thing two: you can say “slutty” on “All Things Considered.” Good to know!