I’ve got a piece about Cape Cod in the August issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine, which is on stands now.

At least, I have it on good authority that it’s on stands now. I’m in Cape Cod, where the pickings are slim, so I haven’t actually seen it yet, but I trust that it’s there…and if you get it, you can find out all about my favorite places on the Outer Cape, then come here and stalk me!

Kidding. Please don’t stalk me.

Thanks to everyone who's bought THE GUY NOT TAKEN and brought it to the beach. The book is doing much better than my publisher hoped it would (short story collections tend not to sell as well as novels), so we're all thrilled, and very grateful, that the book is finding an audience.

My summer's been lovely so far – lots of sunshine, lots of swimming lessons for the girl, lots of rewriting and reading for me (EYE CONTACT was poignant and gripping, THE REST OF HER LIFE, out next month, was a weeper in the manner of THE DEEP END OF THE OCEAN. I’m looking forward to reading former Philly homegirl Karen Abbott’s SIN IN THE SECOND CITY).

In other exciting news, as it happens, I am, once again, in a delicate condition (big news the three of you who didn’t figure that out months ago)…so now I am in Cape Cod, reading, writing, and being pregnant in the company of my mother, who had four (!) kids by the time she was my age, and is full of helpful pregnancy tips circa 1970.

“Put your feet up!” she will say.

“Ma, nobody says to do that any more.”

“Well, I don’t care! It worked for me! Put your feet up! Get out of the sun! And eat more yogurt!”

I'd take her more seriously if she hadn't failed to notice, while driving the girl to the pond the other day, that the minivan's back door was unlatched, and that my backpack, with laptop inside, had fallen out (I found it twenty minutes later, slumped in the driveway like a hit and run victim).

But it's all good. The laptop's still working, the baby's coming late this fall, and the new book's due next spring. I think I’m actually due around the same time as Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Which makes a weird kind of sense. Last time I was due right around the same time as Kelly Ripa. For whatever reason, my biological clock seems to be synched to daytime TV.