The New York Times Book Review has a blog. It's written by Dwight Garner, author of the Inside the List column, which runs each week and manages to hardly ever be about actual bestsellers.

Which means that now the Times will now be able to ignore popular fiction both in print and on the Internets!

I can't wait. Seriously, I can't. I bet my husband it'll be less than five days before the blog mentions perennial Times boycrush Gary Shteyngart. If I win, I get a water ice.

THE GUY NOT TAKEN comes out in paperback two weeks from tomorrow, and I'll be reading that night at the Barnes & Noble on Walnut Street here in Philadelphia at 7:30 p.m. This is the only reading I'll be doing until CERTAIN GIRLS, which is coming out some time next spring. (Yes, I know Amazon said it was coming this fall. It was originally supposed to be spring '08, then it got moved to fall, then it got moved back to spring. Right now the publication date is April 8, but that could change.)