Every once in a while, my Nanna will call me up and say, "You were on TV today and didn't tell me! You stinker!"

Or I'll get an email from a reader saying, "loved you on Oprah yesterday," when I know for a fact that the closest I came to Oprah was thumbing through a copy of her magazine in the supermarket.

So if you think you saw me on TV, it probably wasn't me, it was her. Jessica Weiner is an author, a self-esteem expert and an "actionist" who pronounces her last name Weener (I say mine Wyner).

Yes, I know it's confusing.

No, Jessica and I are not related, unless you subscribe to the theory that all Jews are related somehow.

So no, that wasn't me on TV the other day consoling Tyra about the extra junk in her trunk (although, for the record, 160 pounds on a five-foot-ten-inch woman is not fat).

However, I am slated to be on The Martha Stewart Show on Valentine's Day.

More details as they come.