A warning, to other parents of pre-schoolers: do not sing "Borat" songs in front of your child.

No matter how catchy they are or how tempted you might be, do not even sing edited versions of "Borat" songs in front of your child.

Probably best not to even think about Borat while in proximity to your young 'uns.

Else you, like my husband and I, might be cheerfully singing a cheerful, redacted, rated-G ditty that goes, "In my country there is problem. And the problem is the Lu," and have your daughter correct you: "No, the problem is the Jew."

And you will stare at her in horror as she smiles guilelessly and says, "Throw the Jew down the well!"

And you will spend the rest of the day waiting from the inevitable call from her nursery school -- her nursery school at the synagogue -- and know in your heart that there is not going to end well.