Thanks to the many, many readers who emailed me to let me know that the "Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner" onesie is available nationwide (even in Philadelphia!), and who sent pictures of their own babies, in the onesie, in a corner.


Meanwhile, Project Runway! I want to be reborn as a baby designer so Tim Gunn can be my teacher. So kind. So calm. So snarky when snark is required. Sigh...

This season, the object of my current fascination is architect/supermom Laura Bennett, 42-year-old mother of five (!), who declared in her interview that she never dresses down, because with five kids "it's a slippery slope into sweatpants and a minivan."

Or, as some of us call it, "heaven."

I watched her with a mixture of horror and fascination -- the styled hair, the tight skirt, the red lipstick, the Louis Vuitton steamer trunk and the heels to high to ever chase a child while wearing -- and wondered how she does it.

She might be my exact opposite in terms of personal style and outlook on life, but I loved the furry-collared coat she did last week, and I'll be very curious to see what she does next.

Thing I'm loving right now: tip jars at coffee shops and farm stands and ice-cream parlors that say where the would-be tip recipient will spend the money (my favorite one, recently spotted, read, "Smith!" "Bard!" "University of Delaware!" and "Gas!")

Also, Oprah? Not gay. NOT! GAY! Now please return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Finally, the cover of THE GUY NOT TAKEN -- with nary a body part, nobody bent over like they're in desperate need of the nearest toilet, and the minimum daily allowance of pink.

I'm thrilled. I hope you like it, too.