Oobi's like me
Oobi's like you
Oobi's got a lot of big things that he's gonna do!

Honest to God, I think I could get so much work done if I didn't have Noggin lyrics stuck in my head for days on end. Not to mention more frequent and coherent blog posts.

Spotted in chichi Provincetown baby store: a onesie reading "Nobody puts Baby in a corner." I seriously think it might be worth having another child just so he/she could wear that.

I'm at beach with my mother, my Nanna, Snarksister Molly and my daughter. That's four generations, for those keeping score.

Lucy's taking swimming lessons. Which means that I'm taking swimming lessons. Every morning my Mom wakes me up and drives us to the cold pond, where we practice blowing bubbles in the water, kicking on kickboards, and jumping off the dock. Then we go home and Mom makes sandwiches for lunch and everyone takes a nap. It's total and complete regression.

Meanwhile, my sister keeps having these minor but annoying health and/or dental problems and forcing my mother to call the dentist/doctor for her, leading to telephone conversations like this:

"Yes, hello, I'm calling to make an appointment for my daughter."



Good times!

And lots of time for summer reading. I loved THE BOOK OF JOE, which I remember reading about when it first came out but somehow missed until I found it at in paperback at Target. Guy writes roman a clef-ish novel trashing his hometown, then has to go home to his father's sickbed. The town is none too pleased to have him back (my favorite ongoing gag is that every morning he wakes up to find a copy of his opus that a member of the local book club has chucked at his doorstep). Now re-reading DINNER AT THE HOMESICK RESTAURANT.