NSync’s Lance Bass has been out and about all summer long in Provincetown, in the company of Amazing Race hunk Reichen Lehmkuhl, and have I spotted the happy couple even once?


Which tells me that they haven't been out and about in the baby boutique, the Portuguese bakery, or the kite store.

Go figure.

My favorite quote is from this story. "If privacy is what Lance wants, that's something that's easy to have," says Kevin Naff, manager of the Washington Blade. "But if you're Lance Bass, and you're going to the gayest town on the gayest day of the year and going to gay parties, you have to expect something."

I’ll give you the “gayest town” thing, although Key West and New Hope might be feeling pretty miffed right now.

But the Fourth of July is now the “gayest day of the year?”

Did we vote on this? Is it official? Is it on everyone’s calendar but mine? And are we supposed to celebrate?