Best news ever during the horse latitudes of summer: Nora Ephron's new book is out.

I remember finding a copy of CRAZY SALAD on my parents' bookshelf and being completely taken by Ephron's frank, funny, wry voice as she considered everything from the Pillsbury bake-off to growing up flat-chested.

When I grew up and worked as a reporter, I actually got to cover the bake-off myself (having realized that I would not be replicating her experience of growing up underendowed), and the stories I wrote were my personal tribute to Nora Ephron.

She was one of the writers who made me want to be a writer, and I can't wait to read her latest (even though I'm with Janet Maslin, wishing that Ephron was more of a writer who occasionally did stuff in Hollywood than a Hollywood player who only occasionally still writes).

In other book news, I've also been dying to read Alison Bechdel's much-praised graphic memoir FUN HOME...and I can't find a copy anywhere.

Both bookstores in Provincetown ("the gayest town in the world!") have notices pinned behind the cash register that they're sold out and waiting for reprints, and I could order it online, but I'd rather support a local bookstore, and...damn.