Yes, that was my first novel, GOOD IN BED, that the women of the Tuesday Night Book Club were ignoring on TV last night.

In the interest of not biting the hand that feeds me (I understand the book club will be reading -- air quotes optional -- IN HER SHOES later this summer, I will say only this: if I had to deal with adultery, addiction, neglect, single motherhood, a swinging spouse and/or a bulldog eating my engagement ring, while wearing that much makeup on a daily basis, I wouldn't have much time for leisure reading, either.

The first chapter of GOOD IN BED here. Take a look -- it's practically painless! and not as trashy as the TV critics think! -- and you'll be better read than the ladies of Scottsdale.

Meanwhile, check in tomorrow for a very special guest blog post from my agent, on how a book gets born -- and finished. The true story of THE GUY NOT TAKEN...coming soon!