Joanna's essay coming soon (I promise!)

Meanwhile, I'm quoted in a USA TODAY piece about the tenth anniversary of Bridget Jones' Diary. That's the good news.

The bad news? I was somehow quoted as saying I wrote my first books "when I was a single mom." Which I didn't. 'Cause I wasn't. (Honestly, I barely found time to write them as a plain old single person with no kids)

It's probably my fault for conducting the interview on a cell phone, in a coffee shop, but still. Oy. My family's going to have a field day with this one. My husband's already following me around with a grave, sympathetic expression, laying his hands gently on my shoulder and asking, "When you were a single mother, did you struggle?"

Two other notes while I do the last round of copy-edits on THE GUY NOT TAKEN: I've got an essay/review in the July issue of Elle about the state of women's fiction, some books I really loved, and why some women writers have their plain white organic-cotton undergarments in such a bunch about chick lit's staying power.

Finally, new book = new author photo. My friend Andrea Mecchi took a whole bunch. I think this is my favorite.