Thanks to everyone who came to all the readings last week (especially the readings where there weren't enough seats). It was great to see so many friendly faces on the road.

In other news, Lucy's third birthday bash was a complete success. The bakery did a great job with the non-Laurie Berkner birthday cake, and Lu and her friends had a ball.

The party was at a little farm outside of the city, where the big lure is the baby bunnies and ducks and chicks that the kids get to play with and feed. There were also a pair of little black lambs who'd been born the day before, tottering around their pen and baa-ing at each other.

The mother sheep, meanwhile, lay collapsed against a corner of the barn, completely ignoring her offspring, immobile except for the slow rise and fall of her ribcage. I think every mother at the party took a moment to give her a sympathy pat.

I'm back in Philadelphia for the forseeable future, where I will be reading every night this week, except for Wednesday. Anyone who comes to all four readings gets a free cheesesteak.

And if you're not in Philadelphia and, hence, ineligible for the cheesesteak, I will be on the Tony Danza Show on Thursday morning.

Yes, I know it's been cancelled. What can I say? I do that to TV shows.