I'm in Washington, experiencing what is the best BEA ever (probably because I was only at the convention center a grand total of three hours).

I arrived in the morning and hung out with Megan McCafferty in the green room before our 11:30 signings.

At the signing, I met Sarah Dessen, whose JUST LISTEN I am just loving, and we had a total squealy fangirl moment. "I read your blog!" "I love your books!" Then I met Michelle Wildgen, whose debut novel YOU'RE NOT YOU I will be raving about in the July issue of Elle (Michelle told me and the other authors, including Emily Giffin, Plum Sykes, Cathi Hanauer and Deana Kisiz, got the star treatment and fancy designer frocks for the photo shoot. I can't wait to see the picture).

I ran into Ron Hogen of Galleycat and Beatrice fame, and Seale Ballenger, who used to be my publicist and is now John Grogan's, and then I went on the great galley hunt, scoring copies of new books by Scott Spencer (A SIMPLE PLAN) Kate Atkinson (CASE HISTORIES was one of the best books I read last year), Janet Finch (WHITE OLEANDER) and a few sample chapters of the new Nora Ephron.

Then my agent made me go back to my hotel room because I am, as ever, on deadline, revising the short stories for THE GUY NOT TAKEN, which is coming out in September. But you knew that, right?