I was in the post office the other morning when the twentysomething woman in front of me started staring, with a friendly, slightly quizzical look on her face.

This is so cool, I thought. Maybe she recognizes me! Maybe she's read my books, and she's going to tell me that she liked them!

The line inched forward. The woman kept staring. My hopes rose.

Then I looked down and realized I had my shirt on inside out.

In other news, CBS will be debuting a new reality TV show on June 13 called "Tuesday Night Book Club," and I have it on good authority that one of the books the club will be reading is GOOD IN BED.

I wonder if they'll like it.

I also wonder if any one of the club members ever went to the post office with her shirt on inside out. Judging from the super-glam group picture, probably not.