GOODNIGHT NOBODY comes out in paperback today and, as tradition and my publisher demand, I'm off on book tour.

I depart for New York and points westward in the swirling wake of the still unfolding Opal Mehta scandal. Today's Times reported that, in addition to helping herself to big chunks of Megan McCafferty's prose, she also swiped from Sophie Kinsella and Meg Cabot.

I've gone from being shocked to being indignant to being mildly sympathetic to being indignant again. Not indignant that Viswanathan indiscriminantly ripped off her elders. Indignant that she didn't rip me off, too.

I mean, hello! New book here! Just out in paperback! Could use a little publicity! Would it have killed young Kaavya to have given Opal a wisecracking, plus-sized Jewish best friend?

Dysfunctional family? Crazy sister? Scary suburb? Anything?

What's a girl have to do to get plagiarized in this town?

Sigh. I kid, of course. I kid because I love.

See you on the road....