The four-readings-in-five-nights Philadelphia/suburbs stand ends tonight at 7 p.m. at Headhouse Books, where I will be joined by the fabulous Marisa de los Santos (LOVE WALKED IN). Remember, nothing says "I love you, Mom," more than a signed copy of a book about the most perfect mom in the suburbs ending up dead on her immaculate kitchen floor!

I had a great time on the Tony Danza show yesterday -- he's the nicest guy ever -- and am now having an even better time with my Tony Danza departing guest gift bag, which contains caramel crunch Atkins bars, a great many cinnamon Altoids, and lemon vodka. Or, as I like to call it, "dinner."

Meanwhile, my agent writes. She has, she insists, been to many, many readings -- much more than four. And no free cheesesteak!

I think I will tell her that for every reading she attends, she gets 15 percent of a cheesesteak, with the option of 17.5 percent if more than a hundred people buy books.

Last but not least, American Idol is dead to me, but the witty and incisive Idol commentary of Robin Givhan is not.

See you at Headhouse Square!