Thanks to everyone (including Snarksister Molly!) who came to the online chat today. Lots of good questions. Lots of good, challenging questions. Not once was I asked "where do you get your ideas?"

However, I was asked if I intended to ride the train of sassy, embittered, plus-size Jewish protagonists who are, in many ways, just like me into the ground (possibly, even though I am, in person, a petite and retiring Mormon).

My favorite question: do I ever have fantasies of ditching my painstakingly crafted public persona, joining Weight Watchers and writing a serious book? Short answer: I have many fantasies. Few of them involve writing a quote-unquote serious book (although I do have an ongoing, extremely detailed and wonderfully vivid fantasy of writing a book that gets taken seriously). Absolutely none of them involve Weight Watchers.

Anyhow. My bags are packed, my new Jodi Picoult has been purchased, and I'm off to Salem in the morning. I hope to see some of you there!