I was on my way home from New York yesterday, towing my little wheeled suitcase through the slush, when, in front of Madison Square Garden, a guy in a windbreaker leaned against the wall and muttered, "Tickets? Need tickets? Dog show tickets?" out of the corner of his mouth.

Hard to know which was more disturbing: that there was actually someone scalping tickets to the Westminster Dog Show, or that I was seriously considering at least asking how much he wanted.

In other news, I'm going to be updating the FAQs and Advice to Writers pages soon, with new info on what I'm working on now (a short story collection), what's up with GOOD IN BED on HBO (nothing much), and how Kate's story ends (to be continued).

If you've got any burning questions about the books, or the writing life, send 'em now. It's going to be interesting re-approaching the advice now that it's four years, three books, one book-to-film adaptation and one baby later.