I had all kinds of Monday-morning quarterbacking about the James Frey situation and whether it's going to change the way big publishing does business (probably not, but jeez, would it have killed Nan Talese to unclench her jaws long enough to say she was at least sorry?).

But instead, this sad news: playwright Wendy Wasserstein, 55, has died of lymphoma.

The New York Times writes: "Ms. Wasserstein's abundant gift for comedy and her plays' popularity disguised the more serious ambitions underpinning her writing. "My work is often thought of as lightweight commercial comedy," she told The Paris Review in 1997, "and I have always thought, 'no, you don't understand: this is in fact a political act.' 'The Sisters Rosensweig' had the largest advance (for a play) in Broadway history, therefore nobody is going to turn down a play on Broadway because a woman wrote it or because it's about women."