A bunch of friends and I went out for tapas and sangria for my husband's birthday last week, and the conversation turned, as the conversation frequently does, to Tyra Banks' talk show.

"She's going to dress up in a fat suit to see how she's treated when she weighs 350 pounds!" someone said.

"Is it going to be a white fat suit or a black fat suit?" I asked.

Everyone stared. My husband gently edged the sangria pitcher away.

"Well, seriously, don't you think they should isolate out the variables? Maybe fat white women get treated better than skinny black women. Maybe black men get treated better than fat white women."

I spent the rest of the night trying to get the sangria back, and I TiVo'd the show for later viewing enjoyment. I suspect that I'm not going to be as shocked as Tyra was to learn that plus-size women are not always warmly received when they show up on blind dates.

Also, I think if she really wanted to experience discrimination, she should've traded the fat suit for a stroller and seen how the chichi boutiques -- not to mention potential suitors -- reacted.