This month, I'm featured in Vitals for Women magazine.

Which would be fine, except my sister Molly (visiting for the holidays and the Thursday-night Philadelphia screening of IN HER SHOES) keeps referring to it as Vittles.

Also, Vittles magazine is folding after this issue. My kiss-of-death streak continues! (For those of you keeping score at home, the magazines in which my work or face has appeared that quickly bit the dust now includes Mademoiselle and Mode. Talk shows I have murdered include The Caroline Rhea Show and the Jane Pauley Show.)

In between the apples and the honey, we're counting down the days until IN HER SHOES hits theaters, and, in the meantime, keeping track of how many times I am referred to on national TV as Jennifer Weener (memo to Janet Maslin -- glad you liked the book, but Weener? Damn).

However, Katie Couric's Monday-morning mispronunciation did give Cameron Diaz a chance to set the record straight. "No, it's Wyner," she said. "And she's amazing."

Did I mention that Cameron Diaz is my BFF?

And did I mention the Thursday-night event at the Bridge Theater in University City, to raise money for the Free Library of Philadelphia? Details are below. Come out to support a great cause, meet me, meet my sister, and tell me what I should say to Katie when I go on the Today show on Friday!