Thanks so much to everyone who braved the rain, bypassed the claymation, and went to see "In Her Shoes" this weekend (I think I've gotten emails from most of you. Thanks!)

If you liked the movie, please help spread the word. Tell your friends, tell your mom, tell your sister to get a ticket.

Word of mouth is what's going to make or break this movie -- and, maybe more importantly, word of mouth translated into ticket sales is what will convince Hollywood that there is a market for this kind of storytelling.

So tell your neighbors, your cubicle-mates, the girl down the hall in the dorm that they'll laugh, they'll cry, and they'll make the world safe for more quality films.

In other news, I had a wondeful time on the Tony Danza show this morning. Tony was an absolute sweetheart, and a real gentleman, too (his producers were so cute when they explained that he likes to 'greet n' seat' his female guests).

Still no word on when the Today interview's going to air. Sigh.

Finally, in an attempt to keep up with my domestic duties in the midst of a cross-country book tour, I have purchased a slow cooker. It looks like a great thing -- at least on paper. Start dinner before Lucy's nap, run out for interviews/photographs/dry cleaning, come back to a delicious-smelling, stick-to-the-ribs home-cooked meal.

Last night I made a brisket, but I had to go to New York before it was finished. I have been assured it was delicious. Will have to taste for myself. Later this week: lamb shanks!