Woke up this morning thinking about Vogue, which is as good a thing as any to be thinking about on publication day.

As a Vogue subscriber (I had frequent-flyer miles to get rid of, and Vogue looked more interesting than Organic Parenting), I know that Andre Leon Talley, he of the "Miss Anna don't like fat people" remark, has been keeping a weight-loss journal on the magazine's pages. It's an inadvertantly hilarious document chronicling his Herculean efforts to slim down enough to fit into his bespoke tuxedo in time for Oprah's Legends Ball.

Among his helpful hints: get the staff of your five-star hotel to mine the minibar before your arrival, hire a cadre of personal trainers, and block off two weeks in June for a stint at the Duke Diet Center

In other words, the man's so completely out of touch that he probably didn't realize he was being controversial or condescending when he told Oprah -- and, hence, the world -- about Anna Wintour's opinions of the festively plump.

And can anyone who's read The Devil Wears Prada be surprised? Of course Miss Anna don't like fat people. Miss Anna don't like anyone!