There's a guy on the corner in a gray t-shirt and blue jeans holding a sign with the American Red Cross logo reading HELP KATRINA VICTIMS. No bucket, no nothing -- he's just stuffing cash in his pocket. I'm worried that it's going to stay there.

Meanwhile, the IN HER SHOES buzz is building!

"(T)here's hope this fall," says Bill Muller of The Arizona Republic. "The chick-lit adaptation In Her Shoes (Oct. 7), is the one of the smartest romantic comedies since About a Boy. Better (gasp optional) than Bridget Jones's Diary."

And Rene Rodriguez of the Miami Herald did a great interview with Curtis Hanson, writing "In Her Shoes bears all of Hanson's directorial hallmarks: An uncannily astute sense of casting, well-etched characters and a confident, no-fuss style of storytelling that allows the actors to carry the show. The movie also gives Diaz her first real dramatic leading role, playing a selfish, manipulative beauty whose lack of self-esteem leads her to take advantage of the people around her....Known primarily as a comedienne until now, Diaz's performance in In Her Shoes reveals a new dimension to the actress, a self-destructive fragility and vulnerability not apparent before. And with its complete lack of car chases, explosions, ridiculous plot twists or juvenile humor, In Her Shoes feels strangely old-fashioned: A straightforward, engaging drama about ordinary people."

When my books come out, I feel like a parent dropping a child off at nursery school for the first day. It's exhilarating and terrifying -- will people like her? Will she make friends? Is she dressed okay?

With the movie, it's a little more like being a proud grandparent -- less direct responsibility, more straight-up nachas. I couldn't be more excited about the way the movie's been received so far. I can't wait for everyone to see it.

To that end, stay tuned to this blogspot for word about the Philadelphia premiere. You're invited! Yes, you!