One of the major objectives of book tours and publicity is to get on TV.

By hook or by crook, or by trumped-up non-fiction hook, the conventional wisdom is that television sells books, and when opportunity knocks, you answer.

Today, on my way to my lunchtime event at Borders here in Boston, my publicist emailed: one of the producers from Jane Pauley's now-defunct talk show would really love to have me on at her current venue, which happens to be Martha Stewart's program.

Trouble is, Martha doesn't do standard interviews. Do I happen to know any crafts?

I am about the least crafty person ever. But who can say no to Martha?

So I wrote back and said, "Erotic macrame!"

We'll see how that works out.

In happier news, my publisher has organized a fabulous contest in honor of "In Her Shoes," the movie (sneak previews this weekend, I hear!), and GOODNIGHT NOBODY.

Here's the link you should click to enter to win a closet full of fabulous Cole Haan shoes, and one of the cute little Uglydolls featured on the back of the book.