Lots of sassy IN HER SHOES, the movie news (and lots of great reports from the sneak previews Saturday night!)

First up, the Times writes about the movie shoes. Evidently, they're more than just footwear. They're supposed to be symbolic. Who knew? (And those stunners Cameron Diaz wears in the opening scene are Stella McCartney black patent-leather pumps with a four-inch heel).

Next, direct your attention to the official IHS movie website, where there's a very in-depth interview with the director, producer and stars about the film. I learned a lot -- for instance, Curtis Hanson filmed Maggie's scenes in the early morning, with a hand-held camera, to emphasize the unmoored quality of her life. And you can get wallpaper! And enter contests! And play mah jong!

Finally, I am off to Los Angeles tomorrow to meet up with my sister, my Mom and my Nanna for the fabulous Hollywood premiere. And, to answer the question I got asked at each and every event in the last week: yes, I have clothes.