So there are going to be TV ads for the new book.

We got the tape of the ad on Saturday and, after twelve hours of on and off fiddling to figure out how to get the VCR to talk to the TV set, we watched the ad.

It's simple and lovely -- an imagine of clouds and blue sky, then the book's title, then the book's whole jacket, with a voice saying something like "Jennifer Weiner. She's hilarious.... heartbreaking... insightful."

It's a beautiful voice. A warm, intimate voice. A warm, intimate, husky voice. The kind of voice that I, personally, associate more with phone sex than with novels ("Jennifer Weiner. She's hilarious... heartbreaking... insightful... and she wants you to touch her... right now. Call 1-900-LIT-CHICK....)

Anyhow. I think the ads are brilliant, but I sort of wish they'd hired the "in a world" guy from every movie trailer and gotten him to do the voiceover instead. "Jennifer WEINER! She's hiLARious! InSIGHTful! And SHE WILL BREAK YOUR HEART!"

In other news, we took Lucy to an outdoor concert last Thursday. My mother packed snacks. When Lu took a break from dancing, my mother ripped a strip off the cardboard cookie package, dipped it into a jar of generic peanut butter, and extended it towards the girl.

When Lucy gave her a look of "Hells, no!" my mother shrugged, ate the peanut butter herself, re-dipped, and held the soggy strip of cardboard out toward me.

When I made a face, she shrugged again.

"This is exactly how I fed you when you were little."

Which explains a lot, I think.