Posting will be infrequent for the next week or so, as we are dealing with the nascent stages of toilet training. I don't want to post embarrassing details that the girl could Google sixteen years from now, so let's just say there's a lot of laundry involved.

I'm also starting the early stages of promotion for GOODNIGHT NOBODY which involves, among other things, having my picture taken by People magazine.

They don't just want me, either. They want the whole fam -- supportive husband, cute toddler, even the irascible rat terrier, provided I can get him to hold still.

This prompted a long marital conversation about the most cliched People shots ever (jumping -- on couches, on beds, off swings, anywhere), and how we'd be going for cliched shot number two (happy family in kitchen, with supportive spouse cooking).

There may or may not be a live lobster involved. I will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, have you read the first chapter of GOODNIGHT NOBODY yet?