I can't believe it's almost September. The last two months just flew. I'm trying to wring every last drop of summer out of the next week -- lots of swimming with the girl, bike rides and lobsters and bonfires on the beach.

Next month, there's the Toronto premiere of IN HER SHOES, the movie. Then the book tour for GOODNIGHT NOBODY starts and I'm going to be away from home or, alternately, travelling out to the West coast with toddler and sister in tow.

I'm trying not to worry about any of it: the early morning drives to the airport and the mid-flight freakouts, the reviews, the upcoming People story (out in September), and the fact that I had this gorgeous beaded fuschia tunic all picked out for the premiere but now I can't wear it to the premiere because I wore it for the People photo shoot ("That's how you wind up in In Touch's Fashion Victims column!" said my agent. I honestly don't think writers ever wind up in In Touch, unless they are memoirist Paris Hilton or novelist Ethan Hawke, but she was adamant -- I need to go shopping, or the world will think I only have one outfit).

Luckily, I have a fun project to distract me from the book-movie premiere madness: planning my Nana's 90th birthday. Nanapalooza!

Without going into details (my mother says I can't, which is a shame, because the details are pretty funny), let me just say that I'm learning a lot about the dining preferences and travel habits of the ninety-and-over denizens of South Florida.

Last but not least, it looks like there will be a Philadelphia event on October 7, the opening night for IN HER SHOES -- a special screening to benefit the Free Library of Philadelphia. More details as they come, but I'm very excited so far.