"You didn't move the post down," complains Joanna, "so much as write another post about my shameful attraction to Nicky Hilton's ex."

True enough, says I.

Thanks to all the readers who wrote in with helpful suggestions on resolving the Zoe D crisis. I think I've arrived a solution, via that time-honored, Sears-and-Brazelton-approved parenting technique: lying.

"Lucy, Zoe called me this morning!"

"She DID?"

"Yes! And she said that you should wear her friend Bert's diaper!"

"She DID?"

"Yes! She said Bert would be very happy and honored to go on your tushy today!"

"He DO?"

"Yep! So let's put the Bert diaper on, okay?"

"Okay, Mommy!"

In other news, just got off the phone with a magazine reporter. We had a lovely chat about my writing, books I like, the balance between work and family, etc..

She asked me my favorite book. I told her ALMOST PARADISE. She asked my favorite movie. I said "Working Girl."

She asked for my favorite place. "Cape Cod," I said confidently.

"No, no, not your favorite place. Your favorite play."

Oh. Oh, okay. Um.... "Do musicals count?"

"I guess so," she said dubiously.

I finally managed to pull out "The Heidi Chronicles," which I saw when I was in college and haven't thought much about since.

Then she moved on. "Who's your favorite artist?"

I wanted to say Francis Bacon, but he's more my most memorable and disturbing artist than favorite...and honestly, do you think I've been to a museum that didn't have the words "Kid" or the suffix "-atorium" in its title in the last two years?

"Are you going to ask what my favorite snack food is?" I asked plaintively. "Or my favorite place to get a cheesesteak?"

Once the movie's out and this book tour's over, I got to get me some culture.

Meanwhile, stay tuned...the cover and the first chapter of GOODNIGHT NOBODY will be up shortly!